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Butterfly House

Butterfly House
Butterfly House
Butterfly House
Butterfly House
Butterfly House
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Keep the butterflies happy and provide them with a wee shelter. This wooden butterfly house also comes with a packet of pollinator seeds to attract both bees and butterflies to your garden.

How To Grow

To use, simply hook a piece of wire into the back loop of the butterfly and insect house and attach to a tree trunk or branch or simply place amongst the garden.

Sowing your seeds:

1. Prepare the chosen area for your seeds by turning or raking the soil until you have a good crumbly consistency, removing any stones and weeds as you go.
2. Open the seed sachet and shake out the seeds thinly and evenly directly over the prepared area.
3. Gently rake over the seed bed to lightly cover the seeds.
4. Water well until the plants are established.
- Some perennial varieties may not flower until the second year.
- Once the flowers start to appear, pollinating insects and bees will soon follow, and your garden will be a hive of activity!

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