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Bags, Labels & Ties

Bags, Labels & Ties
Brand: McGreggor's
A lightweight, durable bag with heavy duty handles. It folds flat for easy storage when not in use.This bag is handy for weeding and removing leaves, as well as general storage or for laundry.Dimensions: 17mm x 500mm x 570mmColour: Green ..
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Brand: McGreggor's
These handy plant ties are made from a soft plastic, making them great for use on all plants - even your delicate tomato plants. Great for securing tomato plants to a stake Tie roses to keep them looking great Promote growth in a certain way - if you want plants to grow through trellis for..
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If you are short on space, or don't want potatoes to take over your garden then this handy growing bag is what you will need!All you need is some Garden Mix, your choice of seed potato  and some Potato Fertiliser!Fill about 1/3 of the planter with Garden MixPlace 1 sprouted seed potatoes in the..
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