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Black Beauty Mulch 35L

Black Beauty Mulch 35L
Black Beauty Mulch 35L
Black Beauty Mulch 35L
Black Beauty Mulch 35L
Black Beauty Mulch 35L
Black Beauty Mulch 35L
Black Beauty Mulch 35L
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If you want to make a statement in your garden, then Black Beauty Mulch is for you. It is highly decorative and creates a unique look to enhance any outdoor area. This product is very popular, as it has a beautiful black finish with the dye holding it's colour extremely well.

Black Beauty Mulch is created using recycled timber then we work our magic to get the particle size is approximately 20mm. Like our other barks, this mulch will help to suppress weeds and conserve moisture in the ground. Here are some other great reasons to buy Black Mulch 

  • It is highly decorative and creates a unique look 
  • It is a real stand out and adds value to your property
  • Creates an outdoor look that is different to your neighbour's
  • Looks fantastic on the garden 

    How does it get its colour?

    The colourant is natural and non-toxic, so it is perfectly safe to touch, for use around all your plants and trees and is safe if you have kids and/or pets.We do recommend that you lay a tarp down on the driveway if you are tipping it off a truck or trailer as concrete is porous and can absorb the colourant. We suggest you also wear gloves when handling the mulch. Application is best on areas that aren't going to be walked on. 


If you are not using weedmat, we recommend at least a 10cm layer to help prevent the weeds popping through, as well as retaining moisture. If you are using weedmat underneath, although a 10cm layer would still be beneficial, it isn't as imperative. The thicker the layer you apply, the better.

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