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14 Oct Your October 2020 Gardening Guide
gemma 0 65
October brings daylight saving, spring, school holidays and can be one of the busiest months in the garden. Get the kids out and learning in the garden while they are home over the holidays. There is ..
13 Oct Rhododendron, Camelia and Azalea Q&A
gemma 0 85
Q) How can I make the soil more acidic for my Rhododendrons? A) First of all get your soil tested, so you know where to begin and to make sure you are going to change the levels in the right directi..
10 Jul Your July 2020 Gardening Guide
gemma 0 381
July is traditionally mid-winter, but, it often feels as though the seasons are getting later in the year now. This is a month where you can either sit back relax, stay warm and just enjoy your garden..
17 Jun Your June 2020 Gardening Guide
gemma 0 264
It’s time to clean up the garden bed by cutting back your summer perennials and pruning back Hydrangeas. Only cut back the stems that flowered last season. It’s also a great time to take cuttings of y..
10 Mar Your March Gardening Guide
gemma 0 540
The first month of Autumn is upon us. Traditionally March is still a warm month, so there’s still a lot to be done in the garden. Weeds will still be growing at a rapid rate, so they will need to be..
10 Mar Chargrilled Courgette and Smoked Bacon Pasta Recipe
gemma 0 491
This is so quick and easy to make, you can double the ingredients if you have visitors, and a lot of the ingredients are what you would have as staples in your pantry too. Served with garlic bread i..
10 Mar Kids in the Garden : Autumn Leaf Candle Jars
gemma 0 414
With Autumn upon us, these autumn leaf candles are just gorgeous and so easy to make. Autumn Leaf Candle Jars..
21 Feb Your February Gardening Guide
gemma 0 332
February brings the last month of summer, the end of the school holidays, the first public holiday of the year, time to harvest and eat or freeze all remaining summer fruit and veggies and time to p..
20 Feb Kids in the Garden : Kite Making
gemma 0 304
Hot summer days are just perfect for making and flying kites. They are so much fun, great for entertaining the kids with family and friends at BBQs or birthday parties. Kite Making Instructions ..
07 Jan Your January 2020 Gardening Guide
gemma 0 189
January is often the hottest time of the year and brings bountiful times in the garden. There is so much going on in the garden, everywhere you look there will be flowers, colour, fruit and vegetables..
07 Dec Your December 2019 Gardening Guide
gemma 0 188
We hope you all enjoy the Christmas break, it is a wonderful time of the year to be around family and friends. Take care and we look forward to seeing you next time you’re in store.December brings us ..
07 Nov Your November 2019 Gardening Guide
gemma 0 179
November already, the year is flying by! Weren’t we spoilt with the weather over Labour weekend, hopefully Show weekend will bring the same and we can enjoy some uninterrupted time in the garden, as w..
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