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27 Jul How to Grow Strawberries
Gemma 0 216
Nothing says summer better than fresh home grown Strawberries, especially on the Christmas Pavlova or in fruit salad. They grow equally well in the ground, raised gardens, planter boxes or in pots and..
23 Jun How and when to transplant a rose bush
Gemma 0 180
Roses transplant well in winter or early spring while they are dormant and not looking for any nourishment from the soil. However, circumstances may arise that require moving blooming roses. This is a..
23 Jun How to deadhead a Rose
Gemma 0 146
Removing wilted blooms (deadheading) from your roses is a simple way to give your garden a tidy appearance. Roses, like many other flowering plants use their flowers as way of producing fruit. Once it..
09 Jun Winter Scent Garden
Gemma 0 194
Nothing evokes thoughts of spring and summer better than bright flowers and beautiful floral perfumes. Winter though, is seen as the time of the year where there is no real colour or scents in the gar..
31 May How to Grow Shallots
Gemma 0 253
Like Garlic, Shallots are traditionally planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest. Shallots though are quite versatile and can be planted any time from May to August, right up to spring..
31 May How to Grow Garlic
Gemma 0 1133
Garlic is one of easiest crops to grow, and it takes up a relatively small area in the garden. It has traditionally been planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest but can be planted in ..
30 Mar Tips for keeping birds off your lawn and away from your seed!
Gemma 0 393
Just recently we have been asked a lot about keeping birds off your new lawns when seeding, they are hungry at this time of year and your seed is looking very appealing, they also quite like the fresh..
05 Mar Crop Rotation
Gemma 0 254
This is a useful system that helps gardeners to get the most out of their crops by creating a healthy growing environment for the plants. Successful gardening starts with the root system, meaning it i..
03 Nov Our How To Guide On Raising Seeds
Gemma 0 450
There's nothing more rewarding than growing your own greenery from a tiny seed. Here's our guide on how to raise seeds and give them a healthiest start. Raising Seeds Guide..
03 Nov Our How To Guide On Raised Garden Beds & Planter Boxes
Gemma 0 432
They can give you a wonderful space to grow fruit and vegetables, or create Here's our guide on how to care for your indoor greenery. Raised Gardens Guide..
03 Nov Our How To Guide On Hanging Baskets
Gemma 0 365
Although usually known for bright and bubbly flower mixes, hanging baskets also work well for herbs and certain fruits and vegetables. Here's our guide on how to grow your hanging baskets and what to ..
03 Nov Our How To Guide On Growing Herbs
Gemma 0 265
Herbs can add greenery and colour to pots and garden beds while providing useful and delicious foliage for your meals and potions. Here's our guide on how to grow herbs successfully. Growing Herbs Gui..
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