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18 May Autumn Camellias at Intelligro
Jess 0 11
very autumn at Intelligro our customers drive into our retail area and are greeted with a spectacular mass of white flowers along the length of our driveway. At this time of the year, we get many enqu..
25 Mar How to add organic compost to an existing garden
Jess 0 352
Organic compost added to your garden provides many benefits to your soil and plants. By adding compost two times a year, early spring and early autumn is a fantastic way to increase microbial activity..
28 Jan How to Remove Strawberry Runners and Plant Them
Jess 0 411
When planting strawberry plants, there are several things that areimportant to produce a great crop. One of the most important tasks ismanaging runners and removing them from your strawberry plant. Ma..
28 Oct Lawn Q&A
Gemma 0 774
1. Killing weeds in the lawn, what do I use and when? It’s good to get on top of weeds in your lawn in early Spring. Once the weather really warms up weeds will bloom and shed their seeds everywhere, ..
01 Oct How to dethatch your lawn
Jess 0 1770
If you've seen a cross-section of soil and grass roots, you would have seen the layer of organic debris known as thatch. Grass propagates by seed, but some types also produce side shoots. These help t..
30 Sep How to Top Dress a Lawn
Jess 0 1101
It may seem a bit odd to spread a layer of soil or sand over the top of your lawn, but this is exactly what top dressing a lawn is about. It is a great way of rejuvenating a lawn that may a bit tired ..
30 Sep How to Grow Seed Potatoes
Jess 0 652
One of the great Kiwi Christmas traditions is new potatoes on Christmas day. Not only are they high in fibre and vitamin Band c, they are higher in iron and protein than any other vegetable. They are ..
27 Jul How to Grow Strawberries
Jess 0 737
Nothing says summer better than fresh home grown Strawberries, especially on the Christmas Pavlova or in fruit salad. They grow equally well in the ground, raised gardens, planter boxes or in pots and..
23 Jun How and when to transplant a rose bush
Jess 0 602
Roses transplant well in winter or early spring while they are dormant and not looking for any nourishment from the soil. However, circumstances may arise that require moving blooming roses. This is a..
23 Jun How to deadhead a Rose
Jess 0 435
Removing wilted blooms (deadheading) from your roses is a simple way to give your garden a tidy appearance. Roses, like many other flowering plants use their flowers as way of producing fruit. Once it..
09 Jun Winter Scent Garden
Jess 0 472
Nothing evokes thoughts of spring and summer better than bright flowers and beautiful floral perfumes. Winter though, is seen as the time of the year where there is no real colour or scents in the gar..
31 May How to Grow Shallots
Jess 0 567
Like Garlic, Shallots are traditionally planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest. Shallots though are quite versatile and can be planted any time from May to August, right up to spring..
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