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02 Aug Your August 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 464
August is the last month of Winter, which means that Spring is just around the corner! This is the last chance for pruning roses and getting your strawberries planted. Plant your asparagus and start c..
15 Jul Your July 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 330
July brings mid-winter, school holidays, and this year the season has bought a lot of rain so far. The garden will be looking after itself a bit more at this time of year, so you can sit back and enjo..
01 Jun Your June 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 261
Winter is upon us, and this month brings the shortest day, a long weekend, and the chance of 4 seasons in 1 day! This is the time for planting garlic, shallots, berries, fruit trees, winter vegetables..
01 May Your May 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 328
May brings the end of Autumn and the creeping closer of those colder Winter days. The last of the Autumn leaves will fall now and it is a good time to collect up any rotting fruit and vegetables to ma..
01 Apr Your April 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 272
April brings us into mid-Autumn along with Easter, an end to daylight savings and a set of school holidays. The days will become shorter and our time in the garden less, but there shouldn’t be any fro..
05 Mar Your March 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 373
Autumn is upon us, so those long hot days of Summer should be almost behind us. With cooler temperatures settling in, getting into the garden can become more appealing for some, and can be more produc..
04 Feb Your February 2021 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 426
February – the last of the Summer months, but by no means the coolest. This can be the hottest month of all so keep up those watering routines. Continue to harvest the fruit and vegetables in your gar..
09 Dec Your December 2020 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 523
‘Tis the season for making your garden beautiful and enjoyable for Christmas and New Year. The weather is warm, the garden will be starting to bloom and look its best. There is still lots to do in the..
12 Nov Your November 2020 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 550
Vamp up your soil, mix in some fertiliser and compost and remember this is the month to plant all the veggies you want to eat over Christmas. As we head into Summer the threat of frosts should be behi..
14 Oct Your October 2020 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 443
October brings daylight saving, spring, school holidays and can be one of the busiest months in the garden. Get the kids out and learning in the garden while they are home over the holidays. There is ..
10 Jul Your July 2020 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 675
July is traditionally mid-winter, but, it often feels as though the seasons are getting later in the year now. This is a month where you can either sit back relax, stay warm and just enjoy your garden..
17 Jun Your June 2020 Gardening Guide
Gemma 0 562
It’s time to clean up the garden bed by cutting back your summer perennials and pruning back Hydrangeas. Only cut back the stems that flowered last season. It’s also a great time to take cuttings of y..
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