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05 Jun Your June Gardening Guide
gemma 0 363
We are now officially in the winter months! Although June brings the shortest day there are still tasks to be done. This is the optimum time for planting garlic, shallots, strawberries, winter veggies..
10 May Your May Gardening Guide
gemma 0 351
As we now creep closer and closer to our cold winter months things will start to slow down in the garden over the next wee while. Tidying up and preparing for the winter are the main tasks at the mome..
07 Apr Your April Gardening Guide
gemma 0 312
The Autumn days are well and truly here, daylight savings has kicked in and school holidays will be here in a flash. The temperatures will hopefully still stay mild and there shouldn’t be any frosts i..
27 Mar Your March Gardening Guide
gemma 0 281
Can you believe it is March already?! The year is starting to fly by. Hopefully the harsh dry months of January and February haven’t impacted your garden and lawns too much. As we move into Autumn the..
25 Jun Rose Planting Guide
gemma 0 331
Roses are a beautiful addition to the garden, producing beautiful blooms that are enjoyed by many. Sometimes we even get an extra bonus and they have a lovely scent as well. Here is a quick guide for ..
28 Oct Intelligro Citrus Fertiliser
gemma 0 397
Intelligro’s Citrus Fertiliser is designed to provide your citrus plants with all the nutrients they require for healthier growth and larger fruit production. This fertiliser is suitable for all citru..
05 Mar How to sow and care for your Lawn
gemma 0 837
Having a lush green lawn is something that people strive to achieve. It often becomes a talking point for neighbours and visitors, and is thoroughly enjoyed by family and friends. Nothing feels better..
12 Oct Agriform Tree Feeding Tablets
gemma 0 248
Agriform Tree Feeding tablets are industry recognised and are used extensively within the nursery community in Canterbury. Their easy application and long lasting release of nutrients make them easy t..
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