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Clay Breaker 25kg

Clay Breaker 25kg
Clay Breaker 25kg
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What are the benefits of using Clay Breaker?

Clay Breaker is commonly known to break up clay and loosen any hard and compacted soils. In doing so, Clay Breaker provides other benefits to the soil either before you plant into it or whilst the plants are already in, these include:

  • Enables plant roots to develop deeper into the soil, resulting in a stronger growth
  • Improves the drainage of the soil
  • Reduces risk of root rot, moss and fungal diseases
  • Improves moisture retention during dry conditions, reducing surface crusting and cracking
  • Enhancesthe effectiveness of fertilisers
  • Effective amongst vegetable and flower gardens as well as on your lawn


Clay Breaker is beneficial for all vegetables, flowers, shrubs, citrus, fruit trees, large trees including acid loving New Zealand Natives and lawn varieties. It can be applied at any time of year but for best results apply once in the spring and again in the autumn. Ensure you dig into the soil before planting, or spread over the surface and water in well for established lawns and trees.

For application rates and information please click here to go to our fact sheet

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