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Brand: Intelligro
Intellicote is a clever fertiliser prill that released nutrients to your plants as they require them. They are full of all the good stuff that plants need to maintain healthy growth and development. How does it work?Each prill contains a complete balance of NPK nutrition and releases when water..
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Brand: Kiwicare
Kiwicare Pump’n’Feed is the perfect food for your houseplants. This ready to use formula is enriched with essential nutrients and trace elements that houseplants need to thrive. It boosts growth, encourages deep green glossy leaves and promotes abundant flowering.Benefits- Easy to dispense - Ea..
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Brand: Intelligro
What is it?Intelligro topdressing fertiliser is a specially formulated blend of essential nutrients to promote healthy plant growth and development. It contains both fast and slow acting forms of nitrogen.It is effective to all pH levels, making it an ideal product for both general plant lines and a..
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What are Water Holding Crystals?As their name suggests, they are little crystals that are designed to retain water in your mix, reducing the need for frequent watering. We use these in our Patio Plus Potting Mix What are the benefits of using Water Holding Crystals? It will reduce the amount of..
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Brand: Intelligro
What is it?Wetting Agent granules are designed to provide your plants with the perfect balance of air and water. This results in happier, healthier plants. This products is used predominantly for plants in pots.What are the benefits of using Wetting Agent? Provides an immediate response when used as..
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