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Tomato Fertiliser 1.5kg

Tomato Fertiliser 1.5kg
Tomato Fertiliser 1.5kg
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Intelligro Tomato Fertiliser is excellent for providing all the essential nutrients required to sustain growth and develpoment for those hungry tomato plants.


What are the benefits of using Tomato Fertilser?

Tomatoes are hungry plants and need a lot of food to produce their fruit. 

  • Promotes healthy growth and development
  • Encourages larger, jucier fruit
  • Provides a balance of nutrients to sustain growth and fruiting


Tomatoes are referred to as "gross feeders" which means they require a lot of "food" to grow and produce fruit. It is recommended that you apply the fertiliser every four weeks, and water after application.

Before planting: Apply 200 grams of fertiliser per square metre of soil and mix well.

For established plants: Mix through the soil at a rate of 100 grams per square metre. Apply to the base of the plant.

Tip: Tomatoes and Strawberries require similar nutrients. If you only have a few of each of the plants, you can use your Tomato Fertiliser on your strawberries, and your Strawberry Fertiliser on your tomatoes!!

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