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Strawberry Fertiliser 1.5kg

Strawberry Fertiliser 1.5kg
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Strawberry Fertiliser 1.5kg
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Intelligro Strawberry Fertiliser is designed to provide your strawberries with all the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth.


What are the benefits of using Strawberry Fertiliser?

  • Encourages lucious, juicy berries
  • Promotes healthy root growth and foliage
  • Encourages quick growth 


Prior to planting: 300 grams per square metre and mix in well.

For established plants: If your plants are in garden beds or raised gardens apply one table spoon per plant and sprinkle arounf the base. If they are in pots, we recommend that you use Intelligro's Topdressing Fertiliser as this is designed for plants in pots. 

Tip: Tomatoes and Strawberries require similar nutrients. If you only have a few of each of the plants, you can use your Tomato Fertiliser on your strawberries, and your Strawberry Fertiliser on your tomatoes!

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