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Brand: Intelligro
Got a damaged hose? This handy item connects hoses together, allowing you to cut out the broken part and connect the hose again. Easily repair damaged hoses Suitable for 13mm hoses Fast repair Easy to attach..
Ex Tax:NZ$3.48
Brand: Gardena
Gardena Premium 19mm hose connector.Product Features Heavy duty Hard wearing High quality..
Ex Tax:NZ$12.17
Brand: Intelligro
Connector Stop Valve connects to the hose outlet. When a device such as a sprinkler is disconnected the water stops automatically. When it is reconnected it will allow the water to flow again.  Stops a trip back to the outlet when switching devices Suitable for 12mm hoses Saves water when switc..
Ex Tax:NZ$7.39
Brand: Gardena
This Tap Nut Adaptor is easy to attach and does not require any tools. It is threaded and can be attached to taps with a 3/4'' thread  Threaded No tools needed Attatch to taps with 3/4'' thread..
Ex Tax:NZ$3.91
Brand: Gardena
Connect two accessories to one tap easily with this twin tap connector. Suitable for taps with 3/4'' and 1'' thread. Fully adjustable outlets Connect two hoses to one tap..
Ex Tax:NZ$44.35
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