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Vermiculite Medium 100L

Vermiculite Medium 100L
Vermiculite Medium 100L
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Vermiculite is one of the most unique minerals. It is very light in weight, highly absorbent, non-reactive, inorganic and compressible.

What are the benefits of using Vermiculite?

  • It is ultra lightweight
  • Free from disease
  • Excellent aeration 
  • High water holding capacity

What would I use Vermiculite for?

It is most commonly used in potting mixes, potting soils as well as other non-garden related uses. You can use it in seed germination materials, root cuttings and in potting mixes. 

Pizza Ovens!!

While vermiculite is predominantly used in the horticultural industry, it is becoming very popular in the construction of pizza ovens. Mix at a ratio of anywhere between 5:1 to 10:1 vermiculite to cement, and apply at a thickness of around 5cm around the outside. This will create a lightweight concrete that will help with thermal insulation, creating a desirable temperature for your oven.

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