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Soils & Mixes

Soils & Mixes
Brand: Intelligro
PLEASE CALL FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS PH (03) 347 9012Garden Mix contains 50% soil 50% organic compost, and is blended evenly to create an excellent mix for your garden. This is a great option if you need something to boost up your garden beds. It is safe to plant straight into this mix.Wh..
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Brand: South-Hort
Rooster Booster is a combination of aged pine bark, rotted sawdust and chicken manure. It is a great way to add nutrients into your garden soil. What are the benefits of using Rooster Booster?Rooster Booster is a soil conditioner and feed that is great for adding vitality to your plants. Safe f..
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Brand: Intelligro
CLICK & COLLECT AVAILABLE. PLEASE CALL IF YOU WANT A DELIVERY  PH (03) 347 9012Intelligro Screened Soil is a high-quality soil that is screened to create a premium product.Please note we source our soil from trusted sites so it is not contaminated, but it is not heat-treated or sterilized f..
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Brand: Intelligro
 Screened soil is great for the base of lawns and in areas that need a top up around the garden. We use our soil to mix with our Organic Compost to create Garden Soil Mix Good base for the preparation of lawns Good base for garden beds Easy to work with Can be mixed with other product..
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