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Wands & Nozzles

Wands & Nozzles
Brand: Gardena
The Gardena 2hr water timer allows you more freedom when it comes to watering the garden. It allows you to set the timer from 5 to 120 minutes, giving you the comfort in knowing your sprinklers will turn off even if you forget. This allows for consistent and reliable watering of your garden, wi..
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Gardena Premium Adjustable Hose Nozzle
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Brand: Gardena
The Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle is hard wearing due to its metal components. It has strategically placed non-slip soft plastic areas that make it easy and comfortable to hold. Adjustable spray - from a fine mist to jet Lock for convenient continuous wateringEasy to holdHard wear..
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Brand: Gardena
A great way to accurately monitor water usage in the garden. Supplies useful information about water consumption and flow, as well as enabling you to water in a more targeted way. - Monitor water consumption daily and seasonally- Monitor flow rate- Make adjustments as required- 5 year manufactu..
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Brand: McGreggor's
It can be a long time between rainfall and when we do get it we like to know how much we have had. Grab a handy rain gauge to keep track of the rainfall in your area.This can be handy to monitor rainfall and plan planting accordingly. Easy to read - calibrated in 1mm graduationsMeasures up to 1..
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