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Hoses, Sprinklers & Fittings

Hoses, Sprinklers & Fittings
Brand: Gardena
The Gardena premium full or half circle pulsing sprinkler on a plastic sled is great for irrigating large areas around the home.This sprinkler is robust and durable and is made to lastArea coverage min75 m²Area coverage max490 m²Range of Spray (m)5 m - 12,5 m..
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Brand: Gardena
This sprinkler tripod is handy if you are looking to elevate your sprinkler to reach taller plants that may be in containers for raised beds.Suitable for all Gardena Oscillating, Circular, Spray and Multi-Pattern sprinklers..
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Brand: Gardena
The Gardena Oscillating ZoomMaxx Sprinkler is great for use in a variety of places due to its adjustable coverage.Area coverage max 216 m²Range of Spray (m) 3 m - 18 mWidth of spray max 12 m..
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Brand: Gardena
This Tap Nut Adaptor is easy to attach and does not require any tools. It is threaded and can be attached to taps with a 3/4'' thread  Threaded No tools needed Attatch to taps with 3/4'' thread..
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Brand: Gardena
Connect two accessories to one tap easily with this twin tap connector. Suitable for taps with 3/4'' and 1'' thread. Fully adjustable outlets Connect two hoses to one tap..
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Brand: Gardena
A great way to accurately monitor water usage in the garden. Supplies useful information about water consumption, flow,  More control over water usage Water targeted areas Monitor and alter as required Encourage less water waste..
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McGregors Rain Gauge
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Brand: McGreggor's
It can be a long time between rainfall and when we do get it we like to know how much we have had. Grab a handy rain gauge to keep track of the rainfall in your area.This can be handy to monitor rainfall and plan planting accordingly. Easy to read - calibrated in 1mm graduationsMeasures up to 1..
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