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Kiwicare No Ants 680ml

Kiwicare No Ants 680ml
Kiwicare No Ants 680ml
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No Ants Barrier Spray is a long-term control of ants in and around buildings.

  • Creates a protective barrier to keep Ants out of house and buildings
  • Long lasting – controls Ants moving into the area for up to 6 months
  • Non-staining and low odour
  • Sprayed surface safe for children and pets when dry
  • For indoor and outdoor use.

NO Ants Barrier Spray Concentrate

  • Dilute 10 ml per litre of clean water.

Concentrate and ready to use:

  1. Apply to surfaces where ants have been seen e.g. walls, window and door frames, sills, skirting boards, decks etc.
  2. Spray until the point of run off. Porous surfaces may need a second treatment.

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    NO Ants Barrier Spray Technical Sheet

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