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Compost Garden Grow

Compost Garden Grow
Compost Garden Grow
Compost Garden Grow
Compost Garden Grow
Compost Garden Grow
Compost Garden Grow
Compost Garden Grow
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Our Organic Compost is BioGro certified as in input for Organics, and is blended from sustainable and natural products.

Dig compost through your soil to boost the nutrients and condition your area before planting. We have had fantastic reviews from customers who just love our compost, and it is one of our best sellers all-year-round! 

This carefully blended mix consists of:

Pine bark fines


Arbour Mulch fines



Chicken manure

Pig manure

Lime to target pH 7 to7.5

What would I use Organic Compost for in my garden?

Our Organic Compost is designed to improve the overall quality of your soil. It does this in a number of ways:

  • Improves moisture retention, reducing water loss especially during the warmer weather
  • Adds vital nutrients to the soil promoting a healthy growing environment
  • Improves and stabilizes pH
  • Improves drainage and reduces erosion and runoff
  • Safe for use on all plants
  • Excellent soil conditioner

The great thing about compost is it will also work to remove any pollutants that are already in your garden – pretty clever really! Also, due to its organic properties, you can feel safe knowing that there is nothing harmful in this product.

Helpful Hint: This compost is safe for all your plants and veggies including rhododendrons! 


Your First Choice In Bulk Compost Christchurch

Here at Intelligro, our organic compost Christchurch is BioGro certified and blended from premium sustainable and natural products. Intelligro organic compost is designed to improve the overall quality of your soil by adding vital nutrients and promoting a healthy growing environment, improving and stabilising pH levels, and it is a fantastic soil conditioner. If you are ready to help your garden grow, then speak to our friendly team about our options for bulk compost Christchurch and beyond. 

What Makes The Best Compost Mix?

Any dedicated gardener knows that compost can make a big difference to how well your garden grows. Our Intelligro brand of compost Chch, provides a whole range of benefits for your soil and plants. Using compost in your garden enriches soil and helps to improve soil fertility by supplying the essential nutrients needed for plant growth, while encouraging the bacteria and fungi that are responsible for breaking down organic matter into rich nutrients. Compost also helps to retain moisture and suppress any plant diseases and pests. Many food growers and gardeners choose organic compost over chemical fertilisers because compost is made from natural materials, this makes it better for the environment and less likely to impact soil quality.

What Goes Into Our Organic Compost Christchurch

Whether you have a small garden, or you require bulk compost Christchurch, look no further than our Intelligro Organic Compost. Made from natural, carefully selected products, our compost has been created with the customer in mind and is designed to get results. Compost works wonders in the garden, conditioning your soil in a way that creates the perfect growing environment for your plants. We offer the best compost Christchurch and beyond, which combines a carefully blended mix of Pine Bark Fines, Sawdust, Arbour Mulch Fines, Straw, Peat, Chicken Manure, Pig Manure, and Lime to target pH 7 to 7.5. 

Tips For Using Compost

We know many Intelligro customers love using our compost, but here are some hints to help you get the most out of it in your garden:

  • Digging compost through your soil will help to boost nutrients and condition your garden before planting.
  • Our compost is safe for all your plants including vegetables and rhododendrons.
  • Compost improves moisture retention, so adding it during warmer weather will help to reduce water loss. It can also improve drainage, and reduce erosion and runoff.
  • Compost will also work to remove any pollutants that may already be present in your garden, and because our compost is organic, you can feel secure knowing that there is nothing in it that could harm your family, pets, or the environment.

Whether you are a home gardener or a commercial based company, we are sure to meet all your needs for compost Christchurch and beyond.

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