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Brand: Intelligro
Decorative Pebbles are a grey riverstone that are commonly used on gardens, as paths and on driveways. This grade is the most coarse that we have with the stones being approximately 5-10 mm in size.There are a number of reasons to use Decorative Pebbles on your garden. Not only does they look g..
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Brand: Intelligro
PLEASE CALL FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS PH (03) 347 9012 What is it?Eco Mulch is carefully selected tree trimmings that are aged to create a golden brown colour, and are then graded to produce an attractive natural mulch.What are the benefits of using Eco Mulch?This bark mulch is popular for those who..
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Brand: Intelligro
CALL US FOR DELIVERY OPTIONSCLICK AND COLLECT AVAILABLEWith a natural golden brown colour, Forest Chip is great for creating a subtle contrast to your garden...
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Brand: Intelligro
PLEASE CALL FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS PH (03) 347 9012Garden Mix contains 50% soil 50% organic compost, and is blended evenly to create an excellent mix for your garden. This is a great option if you need something to boost up your garden beds. It is safe to plant straight into this mix.Wh..
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Brand: Intelligro
Got a damaged hose? This handy item connects hoses together, allowing you to cut out the broken part and connect the hose again. Easily repair damaged hoses Suitable for 12mm hoses Fast repair Easy to attach..
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Brand: Intelligro
Connector Stop Valve connects to the hose outlet.When a device such as a sprinkler is disconnected the water stops automatically. When it is reconnected it will allow the water to flow again.  Stops a trip back to the outlet when switching devices Suitable for 12mm hoses Saves water when switch..
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Brand: Intelligro
 Hydroponic Growing Mix is a specially formulated blend of coir fibre and peat with the addition of Tricho Protection. The coir and peat mixture is an organic material which breaks down and decomposes slowly making it perfect for Hydroponic growing. This pH neutral mix will hold the moisture ve..
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Brand: Intelligro
Intellicote is a clever fertiliser prill that released nutrients to your plants as they require them. They are full of all the good stuff that plants need to maintain healthy growth and development. How does it work?Each prill contains a complete balance of NPK nutrition and releases when water..
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Intelligro Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Workshop | Thursday 20th August 2020
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Brand: Intelligro
DUE TO COVID 19 ALERT LEVEL 2 WE HAVE HAD TO POSTPONE OUR EVENT. NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED Get in touch with us if you would be keen to attend one on a Sunday - if there is demand we may be able to run one on a weekend :)Come along on Thursday 20th August 2020 at 6:30pm to learn the 'what and how'..
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Brand: Intelligro
Intellipots are ideal for growing seeds in. Once the seedling has come through you can plant these straight into the garden or your raised planter box! Intellipots are a great way to raise seeds, espeically getting the kids involved in gardening. Watch the seeds turn into seedlings and then int..
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Brand: Intelligro
Also known as Ferrous Sulphate - a great source of iron. Iron is great at enhancing the green colour in leaves. We add this into our Lawn Fertiliser to help green-up your lawn. Iron is great at enhancing the green colour in leaves. We add this into our Lawn Fertiliser to help green-up your lawn..
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Brand: Intelligro
PLEASE CALL FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS PH (03) 347 9012Lawn Construction Mix is a blend of our Organic Compost, fine sand and soil. This mix is specifically designed to suit the needs of the home gardener for establishing a new lawn. It is easy to use, and creates a great growing environment for your..
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