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Kiwicare LawnPro Protect 600g

Kiwicare LawnPro Protect  600g
Kiwicare LawnPro Protect 600g
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These granules help protect your lawn against grass grub and insect pests in lawns and soil.

This container will treat 180m2 


  1. Sprinkle evenly over area to be protected at a rate chosen from the table below.
  2. Water in for a minimum of 2 hours by gentle sprinkler irrigation or moderate to heavy rain (at least 10 mm). You can measure the amount of water applied by setting a measuring cup, such as supplied on many Kiwicare products, in the area and waiting until it contains water to 10 mm.
  • Grass Grub - 100 g per 15 m2 - Use when grubs are feeding close to the surface (Sept-Mar). Can also be used any time of year as both protective and curative grass grub control.

  • Porina Caterpillar - 100 g per 30 m - Sprinkle evenly over lawn and water in.

  • Slaters, EarwigsCrickets - 100 g per 10 m - Use on garden beds and around buildings.

  • Wireworm - 100 g per 10 m2 -Sprinkle on affected soil.

  • Ants, Cockroaches (as barrier) - 100 g per 20 m2 - Apply 50 cm band on soil/gravel areas around buildings and water in. Use around outdoor ant nest sites.

  • Cluster Fly Larvae  - 100 g per 30 m2   - Sprinkle over turf within 200 m of previously affected buildings and water in (Nov–Mar).


Note: Not for use on vegetables or other crops.


For more information about this product, head to the manufacturer's site here 

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