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Brand: Kiwicare
This handy 60ml concentrate will help to control a wide range of insects on fruit, vegetables, roses and ornamental plants.It is fast acting, BioGro Certified and has just 1 day withholding period.Dilution rate - 1 ml/L, e.g. Mix 5 ml per 5 L of clean water.Return concentrate bottle to box and store..
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Brand: Kiwicare
Organic Spraying Oil is a natural alternative to control a wide range of insects pests and diseases.Suitable for use on roses, fruit trees, citrus and ornamentals with no withholding period.Spray foliage until run off occurs.Cover leaves on both the upper and lower surfaces as complete coverage is r..
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Brand: Kiwicare
Triple action fungicide, insecticide and foliar feed for roses and ornamentals.BenefitsTriple action formula – contact insecticide, systemic fungicide and foliar feed action giving longer lasting control.For use on roses and ornamentals.Easy to use liquid.No leaf burn or marking.Kills insects via co..
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Brand: Kiwicare
Weed Weapon kills weeds fast, and helps to prevent regrowth for up to 12 monthsBenefits- Ideal for controlling weeds in driveways, paths and fence lines- Kills current growth and acts as a preventative for weed seeds germinating- Up to 1 year prevention- Rainfast in 2 hoursDirections - Shake we..
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Brand: Kiwicare
Fast acting – results within 3 hours.Remains inactive in soil – won’t harm neighbouring plantsNatural plant derived fatty acids.BioGro® Certified Organic for use in organic growing.Concentrate registered for use around fruit and vegetables.Rain fast in 1 hour.Does not contain glyphosateSafe for..
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