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Peat 35L

Peat 35L
Peat 35L
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Peat helps to create a healthier plant root environment by helping to regulate moisture and air. This helps to create the ideal growing conditions in an organic way.


Why would I use Peat?

Peat is ideal for digging into garden beds, existing flower beds and vegetable gardens as well as when planting new trees and shrubs. Is is ideal for acidic plants such as azaleas, conifers and rhododendrons. It has excellent water holding capacity which allows it to direct water to the plant as it is required.


Helpful Hint: Peat also reduces leaching of nutrients in or added to the soil, releasing them over time as the plants need them.

*Please note our loader bucket is a 1/2 cubic metre. 1 scoop = 1/2 cubic metre, and is half the cubic metre price.

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