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Roading Updates

Notice: One-way System – Weedons Ross Road

From Monday 26 August 2019, a northbound one-way system will be installed on Weedons Ross Road north of Jones Road.

A signposted detour (indicated below) via local roads will be in place for southbound traffic for approximately seven weeks. Please be alert to changes in the traffic management, follow all signage and drive to the conditions.

All works are subject to onsite construction conditions and weather.

Map of one-way system northbound and detour route for southbound traffic is indicated in yellow below:

Road Updates Aug19



Intelligro Roading updates


Progress being made on Christchurch Southern Motorway upgrade


A handy map outlining the upcoming road changes




Update – Closure of Weedons Ross Road

The CSM2 Project team is working towards the phased switch of traffic onto parts of the new SH1 northbound lanes, between Rolleston and Robinsons Road. Depending on the weather, on Wednesday 4 July 2018, north-bound access from SH1 to Weedons Ross Road will be moved to the new off-ramp. Access to the new off-ramp is approximately 400m south of the current Weedons Ross Road/Main South Road intersection.

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Stuff 16/3/18


Our new entrance location – Manion Road is now locatable on Google Maps however the detour roads have not yet been included within this.

If you are accessing Intelligro from the South / Rolleston end the best way to get to us is by turning left in to Weedons Ross Road and then right in to Manion Road we will then be located 500m down on your right, look out for the big green sign.

However if you miss the Weedons Ross Road turn off you can then access us by turning left in to Curraghs Road and left in to Manion Road, from there we are down 2.6km down on the left. Just look out for the big green sign.

If you are accessing Intelligro from the Christchurch area the best way to access us is to turn right in to Curraghs Road and then left in to Manion Road, from there we are down 2.6km down on the left. Just look out for the big green sign.

However if you miss the Curraghs Road turn off you cannot turn right in to Weedons Ross Road so you will need to continue up towards Rolleston. Turn right at the first set of lights (Hoskyns Road). Currently Jones Road is also closed for roadworks at the Rolleston end so continue down to the first roundabout, turn right and follow the detour until you link back up to Jones Road. Turn right on to Weedons Ross Road, then turn Left immediately after the railway lines on to Manion Road, we will then be located on your right 500m down, look out for the big green sign.


You can now access Intelligro from both Weedons Ross Road and Curraghs Road :) Follow Manion Road along until you see our big green sign!

Intelligro entrance changes

Update as of 14/07/17

Manion Road - Road signWe have a road sign!

As the work continues to finish the Weedons Ross Road end of Manion Road, we have some more progress at the other end – a road sign!

To access Intelligro from Main South Road:

  • if travelling from the north: turn right onto Curraghs Road.
  • if travelling from the south: turn left onto Curraghs Road.

From Curraghs Road, turn left onto Manion Road, just before the railway line. Follow the road along until you see our big Intelligro sign.


Update as of 31/05/17

Access to Intelligro has changed. Due to the next stage of the Southern Motorway, entry to Intelligro is now via the new Manion Road (Manion Road runs parallel to Jones Road on the opposite side of the railway line).

Due to the finishing touches of Manion Road, entry is currently only available from the Curraghs Road end until sealing has completed all the way along to Weedons Ross Road.

If you are coming from Rolleston, travel along Jones Road, turn right onto Curraghs, and the entrance to Manion Road is on the right just after the railway line. If you are travelling from town, turn right onto Curraghs Road, then turn left into Manion Road just before the railway line.

NZTA has now closed our Main South Road entry.

Please continue to check our website for regular updates as the contractors continue to work on this road.

While these changes are out of our hands, we do wish to extend our thanks for your patience as this development continues.

Please see the map below outlining the new access points. 

Kind Regards, 
The Intelligro Team 


Update as of 19/05/17

The work is almost done on the new road behind Intelligro! This exciting change will take effect in June, so in order for the contractors to get the road ready, some of it needs to be sectioned off so they can seal it.

This means, for the next 4-6 weeks, you will need to access Intelligro from the original Main South Road entrance, or come along the new road, Manion Road, beginning from Curraghs Road end. Follow this along the railway line and you will find us where “261” is on the map below.

Access from Weedons Ross Road will not be available during this time!


While these changes are out of our hands, we would like to extend our thanks to you all for your patience and understanding as these changes take place. The new road will definitely make things a lot safer for everyone, so we are looking forward to having it all completed. Once the road is all sealed, you will be able to access Intelligro from both the Weedons Ross Road, and Curraghs Road entrances. Our new address will be 261 Manion Road.



If you are at all unsure about what is going on, give us a call 03 3479 415, email us or check out our website for more updates.

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