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Sands & Construction

Sands & Construction
Brand: South-Hort
PLEASE CALL FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS PH (03) 347 90122A sand is also known as Concrete Sand. It is a fine washed sand used typically in concrete, but can also be used for filling sandpits. Why would I use 2A Sand?This can be used in many applications. As stated above is ideal for concrete mixes as ..
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Ideal for kids sandpits, you will be creating great sand castles in no time!Another popular choice is the Golden Sand - this looks stunning and the kids will love playing in there..
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Brand: Intelligro
Plastering or Washed Sand is used for plastering and concrete work. It is also very popular for filling kids sandpits What would I use it for?Washed Sand is readily available. It can be mixed with water and cement to make a basic mortar mix for brick or block laying. It is also useful..
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