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Driveway Chip

Driveway Chip
Driveway Chip
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Driveway chip is a grey chip used predominantly on driveways, once the base course has been applied and compacted.

This stone chip is 10-16 mm in diameter

What can I use Driveway Chip on?

Although this hard wearing chip is called driveway chip, it is also used on gardens and paths. 


For driveways: Ensure that your base course has been applied and compacted. Once that has been done, a covering of at least 2cm will be required.

For paths: This will be a personal preference, we would suggest at least 2cm depth also

*Please note that if you are collecting the product, 1 scoop = .4 of a cubic metre, and is .4 of the cubic metre price. The reduction in volume is for safety reasons, as the product is very heavy.

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