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Brand: Gardena
A new, compact look to the popular Aquazoom sprinkler. This sprinkler provides an even coverage from 9-216m2, and comes on a compact stable stand.The adjustable functions allow you to tailor the reach to a variety of areas on your lawn or garden...
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Brand: Gardena
Great for areas around the garden that need require an even irrigation ranging from 110m2 to a maximum of 250m2. Our summer can be really dry and our plants suffer because of this. Keep up to date with watering by purchasing a sprinkler and water timer and make watering easy. Adjustable range o..
Ex Tax:NZ$44.35
Brand: Gardena
The Gardena premium full or half circle pulsing sprinkler on a plastic sled is great for irrigating large areas around the home.This sprinkler is robust and durable and is made to lastArea coverage min75 m²Area coverage max490 m²Range of Spray (m)5 m - 12,5 m..
Ex Tax:NZ$88.70
Brand: Gardena
This sprinkler tripod is handy if you are looking to elevate your sprinkler to reach taller plants that may be in containers for raised beds.Suitable for all Gardena Oscillating, Circular, Spray and Multi-Pattern sprinklers..
Ex Tax:NZ$30.44
Brand: Gardena
The Gardena Oscillating ZoomMaxx Sprinkler is great for use in a variety of places due to its adjustable coverage.Area coverage max 216 m²Range of Spray (m) 3 m - 18 mWidth of spray max 12 m..
Ex Tax:NZ$56.52
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