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Tomato Fertiliser 7kg

Tomato Fertiliser 7kg
Tomato Fertiliser 7kg
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Intelligro Tomato Fertiliser is excellent for providing all the essential nutrients required to sustain growth and development for those hungry tomato plants.



Tomatoes are hungry plants and need a lot of food to produce their fruit. 

  • Promotes healthy growth and development
  • Encourages larger, juicier fruit
  • Provides a balance of nutrients to sustain growth and fruiting


Tomatoes are referred to as "gross feeders" which means they require a lot of "food" to grow and produce fruit. It is recommended that you apply the fertiliser every four weeks, and water after application.

Before planting: Apply 200 grams of fertiliser per square metre of soil and mix well.

For established plants: Mix through the soil at a rate of 100 grams per square metre. Apply to the base of the plant.

Tip: Tomatoes and Strawberries require similar nutrients. If you only have a few of each of the plants, you can use your Tomato Fertiliser on your strawberries, and your Strawberry Fertiliser on your tomatoes!!

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