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Hand Tools

Hand Tools
Brand: Atlas Home
Cultivating your soil is an important gardening task as it breaks up the crusty surface, meaning that water, air and nutrients can get deeper in the soil.This hand cultivator has an ergonomic grip for user comfort, is made from aluminium and is light in weight..
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Brand: McGreggor's
Ash Wood Scoop by McGregorsMirror polished stainless steelFSC Certified Ash Wood Handle..
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Brand: McGreggor's
Ash Wood Trowel ideal for potting plants and other small gardening tasks.Mirror polished stainless steelFSC Certified Ash Wood Handle..
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Atlas Trade Post Hole Digger  Atlas Trade Post Hole Digger
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Brand: Atlas Trade
Designed for digging narrow holes to install posts such as fences and signs.  Atlas Trade post hole digger has a steel handle and comes with a 12 year guarantee Overall Length 1520mm Handle length 1240mm Digging heads length 260mm Width 115mmNote: This pole digger creates a ..
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Brand: Atlas Trade
Product Information Double ended thistle grubber is of trade quality. It is ideal for general light grubbing, removing those unpleasant weeds and thistles. 1010mm height Blade length 300mm Front cutting face width 80mm Rear cutting face width 40mm 0.88kg weight..
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Deadheading promotes:- More Flowering- Longer Flowering- Improved Appearance- Healthier Plants..
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Brand: Gardena
This Gardena L Spreader is designed for easy, convenient distribution of fertilisers, seed and sand on small - medium-sized areas.With the open/close function on the handle, it is easy to use and eliminates the need to bend down when applying product.The quantity can be adjusted to tailor the applic..
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Brand: Gardena
The Gardena Rose Gatherer has four functions in 1 pair of scissors. You can use them to cut, hold, strip thorns and crush stem ends. Upper and bottom blade is stainless steel. Blade type is precision-ground. ..
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Brand: Gardena
These stainless steel scissors are great for use around the garden. The blades are rust free and are dishwasher safe. They are also food safe, so you can use them in the kitchen too! Length 180mm Suitable for both left hand and right hand use 25 year manufacturer warranty Suitable for cutting f..
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A stunning set of 3 herb scissors. ..
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Foster curiosity in the garden or at the beach, by exploring the wonders of nature all with tools that are perfectly sized for for small hands. Made from long-lasting metal heads, and hard-wearing wooden handles, these tools will ensure hours of fun in the garden!..
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Brand: Kiwicare
Knowing when to water your indoor plants can sometimes be tricky, so take the guesswork out of watering by investing in one of these handy watering indicators.Simply work out what water levels your plant requires, and use the water indicator to help you keep the plant in its ideal conditions.Benefit..
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