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Shovels & Spades

Shovels & Spades
This hot pressed concrete rake is of trade quality and comes with a 12 year manufacturer warranty. 14T Hot Pressed 1500 X 28mm Handle..
Ex Tax:NZ$31.74
Brand: Atlas Trade
This trade quality spade has a heavy duty steel shaft for extra durability, paired with a polypropylene" D" handle. It is fully tempered and has a hardened steel blade, along with foot treads. Height: 1.005mLength: 0.092mWidth:0.21mWeight: 2.36kg..
Ex Tax:NZ$69.13
Brand: Atlas Trade
Square mouth shovels are great for transporting mulch or loose materials around the garden or worksite.If you are after a digging shovel, use our round mouth or specific digging shovels. ..
Ex Tax:NZ$81.74
Brand: Atlas Trade
This hard wearing shovel is great for digging trenches. Light in weight, but sturdy enough to get the job done. Trade Quality trenching shovel Overall length 1520mm  Blade size 180mm (L) x 160mm (W) Long Handle Trade Quality Approximately 3kg weight..
Ex Tax:NZ$90.44
Brand: Gardena
The Gardena Terraline spade is great for digging, removing, loosening and transplating soil and growing mixes in your garden. With the extra-wide handle, it has been ergonomically designed with the user in mind to ensure comfort and safety are paramount. Product Features Extra large foot rest w..
Ex Tax:NZ$64.61
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