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Brand: Lynn River
Stylish and durable, these gloves are a must for any keen gardener.Colours are assorted, please note when purchasing online that you may receive either blue, purple, pink or light blue. Add in the notes section a preference of colour and we will do our best :)• Great for dry or greasy tasks• High te..
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Brand: Lynn River
Stylish and durable, these gloves are a must for any keen gardener. • Great for dry or greasy tasks• High tear and puncture resistance• Lightweight yet tough• Fits like a second skin• Ideal for individuals allergic to natural rubber latex..
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Brand: McGreggor's
The McGregor's soft grip aluminium trowel is perfect for planting and digging in garden beds, borders and veggie patches..
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Brand: McGreggor's
This 3 in 1 meter will test your soil's pH, moisture light.No batteries required.Simple to use. Probe into the soil and read...
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Brand: Atlas Home
Cultivating your soil is an important gardening task as it breaks up the crusty surface, meaning that water, air and nutrients can get deeper in the soil.This hand cultivator has an ergonomic grip for user comfort, is made from aluminium and is light in weight..
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McGregor's Mini Shovel McGregor's Mini Shovel
New Hot
Brand: McGreggor's
Great for small digging jobs, this shovel is great for areas where a long handle is not practical.These are also great for the kids when they are helping out in the garden ..
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Brand: McGreggor's
Unsure how much water your potted plants need? Or whether your garden soil is too dry? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions then you need to grab one of these handy moisture metres.Never under or over water your pot plants again. Simply use this handy tool to check your pot'..
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McGregor's Pop Up Garden Bag
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Brand: McGreggor's
A lightweight, durable bag with heavy duty handles. It folds flat for easy storage when not in use.This bag is handy for weeding and removing leaves, as well as general storage or for laundry.Dimensions: 17mm x 500mm x 570mmColour: Green ..
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Brand: McGreggor's
McGregor's 2L Pressure Sprayer is used for around the home spraying jobs such as applying lawn sprays.Product Description Robust Adjustable - change the spray pattern depending on the job you're doing Safety pressure release valve Easy to use Convenient sizeAfter use requirementsRinse after use and ..
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Brand: McGreggor's
This digital thermometer is measures maximum and minimum temperatures in both outdoor and indoor settings.Product Features Free standing or wall mounted Battery operated Easy to read Quick reset  Mercury FreeGreat for keeping track of temperatures in glasshouses, allowing you to keep temperatur..
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Brand: McGreggor's
Easy to read thermometer suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Trusted brand Use in greenhouse On decks Ideal to monitor an even temperature in hot houses or enclosed areas..
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Brand: McGreggor's
These handy plant ties are made from a soft plastic, making them great for use on all plants - even your delicate tomato plants. Great for securing tomato plants to a stake Tie roses to keep them looking great Promote growth in a certain way - if you want plants to grow through trellis for..
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