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Brand: Topflite
These energy pellets help to keep our feathered friends fed through times where food is scarce.Designed to go into the Pellet Feeder, these delicious treats will keep the birds happy and full.  Ingredients: Vegetable fat, peanut flour, wheat flour, and either peanut flour or berry fla..
Ex Tax:NZ$5.39
Brand: Topflite
A stylish bird feeder designed to feed our wonderful native birds. This feeder can be filled with the Wild Bird Seed.Light in weight, but built to last, this feeder will look great in your garden...
Ex Tax:NZ$40.52
Brand: Topflite
A mix of premium NZ grown seeds that the Wild Birds will love and benefit from in a handmade easy-to-hang large cone-shaped treat.Highly nutritious for all wild birds...
Ex Tax:NZ$16.17
Wild Bird Starter Kit
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Brand: Topflite
If you have been wanting to feed the wild birds in your garden, this welcome kit is a perfect way to get started.This kit includes:Cake FeederEnergy CakeBird Bell ..
Ex Tax:NZ$20.87
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