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Veggie Garden Mix

Veggie Garden Mix
Veggie Garden Mix
Veggie Garden Mix
Veggie Garden Mix
Veggie Garden Mix
Veggie Garden Mix
Veggie Garden Mix
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Veggie Garden Mix has been specifically designed to grow a variety of vegetables. It contains 3-4 months controlled release fertiliser along with a variety of other essential nutrients to create the best growing environment for your vegetables. 


Why would I use Veggie Garden Mix?

Veggie Garden Mix has all the requirements for producing an excellent crop of vegetables throughout the growing season. It has been designed to be planted directly into without needing to add soil. This mix is very popular in the spring and summer period, and we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers!

Where can I use this mix?

  • Raised garden beds
  • Planter boxes
  • Veggie patches
  • Pots, tubs and containers
  • Hanging baskets and barrels

Is it safe for all of my veggie plants?

Yes! The products in this specialty mix have been carefully selected to allow you to plant a wide range of vegetables and get a bountiful crop. We do recommend using our Garden Mix for root vegetables (carrots, radishes, parsnips etc) as they prefer a soil-based growing environment. 

For best results, we recommend you raise any seeds in our Seed Raising Mix, then plant into the Veggie Garden Mix once the plant is established. You can plant seedlings straight into this mix.

Handy Hint: This mix is also safe to plant a variety of flowers and shrubs!

*Please note our loader bucket is a 1/2 cubic metre. 1 scoop = 1/2 cubic metre, and is half the cubic metre price.


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