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Formerly known as South-Hort, Intelligro is based on the Main South Road in Rolleston. The company continues to be one of the leading landscape and gardening supplies centres in Canterbury. Our aim is to take the guess work out of gardening, and to make your whole gardening experience more fun, reliable and a lot easier. As the top landscape and garden supplier in the Selwyn District, we strive to provide our customers with high-end products that really work, as well as excellent advice and service.

Intelligro is a division of South-Hort and has not been sold, or changed ownership.

Intelligro has a large range of bagged garden products available, including compost, potting mix, specialty growing mixes for vegetables and tomatoes, mulches and much, much more. SHOP ONLINE NOW...


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Having a lush green lawn is something that people strive to achieve. It often becomes a talking point for neighbours and visitors, and is thoroughly enjoyed by family and friends. Nothing feels better than running bare foot through soft green lawn, or the smell of freshly cut grass.

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