6 Tips for getting your backyard ready for Christmas day

6 tips for tidying your home and garden for Christmas Day.

Water and feed your lawn

A well maintained lawn is the perfect pitch for a game of backyard cricket. Even if your lawn is bare and in desperate need of some TLC, there is still time to get it looking lush.

  • Fertilise your lawn now, and water well after application. Intelligro Lawn Fertiliser will give you that quick growth you are looking for.
  • Water it consistently over the next month to get some new growth and thicken up the existing lawn.
  • You can spray for weeds, but hand remove all the big ones to give the grass a chance to grow.
  • Over sow any bare patches with Green Lines Lawn Seed and with some consistent watering you will get some new growth.

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Add fresh mulch to your gardens

Apart from the benefits of mulch around your plants, it makes your garden look crisp and tidy.

  • Mulch helps reduce moisture loss in the soil on the hot summer days.
  • It inhibits weed growth and is a fantastic way to define your plants
  • If you already have mulch down, add a few bags over the top to make it look new again.
  • Coloured barks such as Intelligro Black Beauty can add a bold statement to the garden and surrounds.


Plants and Trees

Trees and shrubs add colour and texture to your garden, providing shelter and hedging. Remember to keep your trees and shrubs well pruned and tidy.

  • Don’t leave it to the last minute and cut too hard as they will look bare.
  • If planting new plants, look for plants that are already at a larger size to give impact and colour for your landscape.
  • Plant drought tolerant easy care plants that will need less maintenance.
  • Large specimen trees can be expensive but give presence on your property. A cost effective way is to buy trees that are around 2.5 metres tall and in 35-45 litre tree bags.


Pathways and Drives

The path or driveway to your place is usually the first step onto your property, so you will want to keep this looking clean and tidy. Repair any cracks and wash down to remove any debris, moss or algae.

  • A fantastic product to use is Surrender which controls Moss, Lichen and Liverwort.
  • A bonus with Surrender is that is great on the lawn for controlling moss as well.


Tidy up your garden

Having a tidy garden is important for making a good impression.

  • Have a clean-up and remove weeds and rubbish away from visible spaces
  • Finish any half started jobs and tidy away any tools that may be lying around.
  • Give your fence a new coat of stain or paint to lift the surrounds of your property.
  • Clean the BBQ so it is ready for Christmas Day.
  • Wipe down the outdoor furniture or spray with Surrender

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Clean your house

Give your house a wash to keep it clean and remove any moss, algae and dirt from the outside.

  • Sweep away cobwebs, leaves and dirt first, using a soft broom or brush.
  • Clean out your gutters, flushing the guttering and checking for any leaks or issues.
  • Wash with a mild suitable detergent or a low pressure water blaster wash, not going to hard against the house. Surrender can be used on your house too.
  • Clean your windows both inside and out.