Your Destination For Mulch And Bark Christchurch

Are you searching for the highest quality bark or mulch Christchurch and beyond? Here at Intelligro, we can supply you with all the general gardening supplies and topsoil you need, and we also provide our customers with a fantastic variety of garden mulch and garden bark Christchurch wide. Natural mulch and bark have become a popular choice for home gardens, as well as public and commercial gardens. Our range includes Bark Mulch, Black Beauty Mulch, Super Scree, and Bark Nuggets. If you require assistance with choosing the right mulch or bark Christchurch, contact our friendly team.

The Differences Between Bark And Mulch

Trying to choose the best bark or mulch Christchurch wide to suit your needs? Here are some tips on making the right choice. Bark nuggets are highly decorative and tend to last longer than mulch that has been shredded. Garden bark nuggets work well for maintaining moisture and blocking out sunlight which will help to stop weeds growing. Bark is often used under play equipment to create a soft landing, and if you are looking to add some flair to smaller gardens, paving, pathways, or any areas that have bare soil, garden bark is an excellent choice.

Improve Your Garden With The Best Mulch Or Bark Christchurch Wide

Our range of mulches can create a nice, natural looking groundcover in your garden, in fact many people use it to add colour to landscape and garden beds, trees and shrubs, and even for decoration around home foundations. Take a look at our full range, and see how the best garden bark and garden mulch Christchurch wide from Intelligro can update and add value to your property.