How to create a simple stone path

Stone's can create a practical yet decorative path in your garden. They can be made into any shape and there are a wide range of stones and chips to choose from.

Stone and chip paths are easy to construct because they aren't set very deep and once the base and edges are built it is a matter of filling it with your choice of stone or chip.

How to construct

Marking out the path

  • Mark out where the path is going to go. You can use a spray paint, string line, rope or even a hose to mark your path out.

Digging out your path

  • Using a square edged spade, remove the soil within that border to a depth of 10cm, keeping the sides as straight as possible and the bottom even and flat.
  • Using a tape measure, check the depth of the path and even out as required.
  • Using a rake smooth the bottom out and compact with either a roller or a hand tamper

Add an edge to the path

  • There are many types of edging to support the edge of the path and contain your pebbles or chip. Options include, wood, stone brick, galvanized steel or even flexible plastic lawn edging. Whatever material you choose it should be flush with the surrounding ground.
  • Backfill on the outside of your edging after installing it

Adding a base layer to the path

  • After compacting the soil, add a 4 to 5cm layer of crushed stone, CAP 20 is perfect for this job.
  • Spread it out evenly, lightly water and compact flat with a roller or hand tamper. This will provide a solid base to walk on.

Lay weed mat over your path

  • Lay weed mat or landscape fabric over the base and secure down smoothly using weed mat pins. Although weeds seed may blow in to your path, weed mat will prevent weeds from growing under it.

Fill your path

  • Pour in your stone and spread it to fill the path to about 1cm lower than your edging.
  • Rake it evenly so that it covers the weed mat.



    • When digging, place the excavated soil onto a tarp to make it easier to remove.
    • Maintain the path by occasionally raking it smooth and refilling it with more gravel, as necessary.
    • Use line marking paint as it easily sprays while upside down.

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