How to Top Dress a Lawn

It may seem a bit odd to spread a layer of soil or sand over the top of your lawn, but this is exactly what top dressing a lawn is about. It is a great way of rejuvenating a lawn that may a bit tired and in need of some repair. Topdressing is an organic and effective option that gives excellent results and improves the health of your lawn.

Benefits of topdressing a lawn

  • It adds organic matter to the topsoil, improves soil structure and water holding capacity.
  • It builds up beneficial soil microbes in the soil It reduces the formation of thatch.
  • It smooths out uneven areas in your lawn and reduces the need for fertilising.

When it is appropriate to top dress your lawn?

  • It needs a boost of nutrients and is tired and stressed
  • It had poor preparation back when being laid or sown
  • There is a lack of soil underneath your lawn due to a build-up of thatch
  • The lawn is uneven or contains holes, low spots or bare patches

What topdressing material to use

  • It is important to top dress with a material that is similar to your existing soil. Having two different materials may lead to the development of two separate layers, with different properties potentially causing air and drainage problems

Intelligro’s Topdressing Mix has been formulated especially for topdressing lawns and filling in bare spots. It is a mix of soil, sand and peat that gives you optimum drainage, and is also perfect for sowing grass seed into.


Application rate

There are two different scenarios that determine the amount of topdressing mix you would need:

  • As part of regular maintenance of a lawn, up to 6 times in a year, use between .5 to 1kgof topdressing mix per metre. This is a lighter amount that should be like a light dusting, if spread evenly and raked in.
  • For regeneration of your lawn, apply between 3 to 4 kg per metre. This rate is for a lawn that is need of levelling and restoration. You can top dress at this rate yearly until the lawn is healthy and then every 2 to 3 years.

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