Rhododendron, Camelia and Azalea Q&A

Q) How can I make the soil more acidic for my Rhododendrons?

A) First of all get your soil tested, so you know where to begin and to make sure you are going to change the levels in the right direction. If you do need to lower the Ph to keep your acidic loving plants happy then try digging through some peat. These plants also like lots of compost, so keep your gardens topped up with compost, dig some through as well. If you still need something else try iron sulphate. Our Azalea & Camelia fertiliser is also a great addition as it is specially formulated for these plants.

Q) What companion planting can I use around my Azaleas?

A) Try planting out other plants that flower at different times of the year to your azaleas e.g ferns, hellebores, hostas and bulbs like snowdrops and daffodils.

Q) Can I use camellias for hedging?

A) Yes, we have a lovely hedge row here at Intelligro, we used Sasanqua Setsugekka. Camellias are very versatile as they come in different sizes, colours, some flower in winter (like ours) and some flower through summer. Also, as they are an evergreen they stay green outside of their flowering periods.

Q) My Rhododendron is sick, it seems to be dying, HELP please?

A) Rhododendrons can be prone to aphids, other insects, sooty mould and root rot. If your plant has brown and dying leaves, cut back to the healthy growth, this may be just a few leaves or a whole branch. Spray with warm soapy water to get of aphids, or even just give them a good blast from the cold hose. If your plant is in direct sunlight at any part of the day then think about moving it, they dislike hot sunny areas, and this can cause the leaves to die back.