How to Grow Strawberries

Nothing says summer better than fresh home grown Strawberries, especially on the Christmas Pavlova or in fruit salad. They grow equally well in the ground, raised gardens, planter boxes or in pots and containers. Mid winter is the time to plant them if you want a long summer of strawberries fruiting in the garden. Follow our how to guide, you will have a bumper crop that will keep you supplied all summer long.

  • Find a warm, sunny and sheltered position for your strawberries as they love plenty of sun to ripen them. Lots of sunshine improves the colour and flavour.
  • Add plenty of Intelligro Organic Compost to provide organic material to your soil. Give it a good 5 to 10 cm layer and blend to a depth of about 30cm. Add 300 grams per square metre of Intelligro Strawberry Fertiliser and mix in well.
  • Intelligro Sheep Pellets are also a fantastic way to add nutrients and structure to your soil.
  • For planter boxes and raised gardens use Intelligro Veggie Garden Mix. It has everything your strawberries need to thrive and provide you with a bumper crop.
  • If planting into pots, then use Intelligro’s Patio Plus to plant into. It has been developed especially for pots and hanging baskets and has a long-term fertiliser, as well as water holding crystals for water retention.
  • Plant about five plants per person in your household to give you a good supply of strawberries over the season.
  • July is the perfect time to be planting your strawberries. A chilling period will help initiate flower production, then the plant will be well established before spring growth.

Planting strawberries in garden beds and planter boxes

  • Allow plenty of room around your strawberry plant as they love having room to grow. At least 30cm of depth in the soil and 40cm between each row of plants is ideal.
  • Water your strawberry plants before transplanting. A great tip is spray them with Bio-Marinus the day before planting. This will reduce any transplant shock.
  • Form a mound around 10cm high and about 20 cm apart within the row to plant your strawberry into. This will improve air circulation and drainage around your plant.
  • Gently loosen the root ball and plant into to the top of your mounds, firm the soil around your plant.
  • Water well and mulch around your strawberries to protect from the cold in winter and retain moisture in summer. Mulching will keep your fruit off the soil, reducing soil disease risks.

Directions for planting in pots and containers

  • Water your strawberry plants before transplanting to your pot. A great tip is spray them with Bio-Marinus the day before planting. This will reduce any transplant shock.
  • Partially fill your container with Patio Plus potting mix and gently remove your strawberry plant from its pot. Position it where you want in the new pot and fill and firm around your plant.
  • Fill up your pot to about 3cm from the top with your potting mix.
  • Water your well and mulch around your plant.

Feeding and Fertilising

  • Feed your strawberry plants about every four weeks with Intelligro Strawberry or Topdressing Fertiliser in key growth periods such as spring and summer. Feed your plants and they will feed you!
  • Water your plants well and consistently. Well-watered and well-fed plants produce better crops and will be more resistant to diseases and pests.

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