How to add organic compost to an existing garden

Organic compost added to your garden provides many benefits to your soil and plants. By adding compost two times a year, early spring and early autumn is a fantastic way to increase microbial activity into your soil, it increases soil fertility with a release of nutrients from the compost.It also improves your soil structure and improves water retention in your soil.

Benefits of Organic Compost

Organic compost is compost that is made from materials that are all certified organic, meaning there are no residues from synthetic sprays such as Herbicides,Pesticides or Fertilizers. It is a great start to switching your garden to being Organic. It can be easily added when starting a garden or when it is cleared of plants by digging it in and mixing evenly into the soil to a depth of 30cm.

For an existing garden, there are several easy ways of using compost around your plants.

Use it as mulch around existing plants in your garden

  • Simply just spread a layer of your compost around garden plants as a mulch, applying it up to 40mm deep around the base of your plants at least around the edge of your plant's drip line.
  • By top dressing as a mulch, you won’t disturb existing roots or soil network in your garden bed.
  • Organisms in the soil will use the compost to give benefits to the soil and plants.
  • Keep watered as usual around your plants to keep the compost moist.

    Make a liquid fertiliser from Compost

    • Using a bucket or tub add one part compost to three parts water,give it a good stir, then leave it for three days, stirring gently twice a day
    • Apply the liquid to plants as a gentle and quick feed for your plants
    • You can use the same compost to make liquid food several times, and then spread it on the garden somewhere as a mulch


    • Water regularly for a constant supply of nutrients into the soil
    • Great to use to insulate plants around the root zone in the winter months
    • It helps with weed suppression around the plants

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