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Bulk bark spreading through our blower truck. If you have a playground to do, a spreading job in a tight spot or on a slope, this service is for you. 

Mulchman Truck

Mulch Man is best suited for use by;

  • Local councils
  • Schools, kindergartens and private education centres
  • Commercial businesses
  • Landscapers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Building Contractors

What do we offer?

Mulch Man is an unbeatable service for clients that require mulch to be spread over large areas. We source products locally and then manufacture the end product on our site, allowing us to carefully monitor quality. We are able to supply large volumes at any time and can fill orders in a timely fashion. Our Mulch Man truck can hold large volumes of product, and is equipped with hoses that enable us to work on areas up to 50m away from where the truck is. This is especially beneficial for jobs where access is an issue, where the terrain is steep or when working on slopes.

Mulchman Spreading Bark
  • Measure and quote
  • Service tailored to your individual requirements 
  • Supply of product direct from the manufacturer
  • Delivery of the product to your site
  • Application of product using the blower system

Mulch Man can reach areas that are tricky to get to. We can run the hoses over fences, through narrow gaps, around obstacles and into tight corners.

Using this service will enable you to have staff on other jobs, increasing your throughput and reducing down time. The job is done efficiently, and managed by our trained staff – no need for you to be onsite.

We are able to create a neat, professional finish with an even application. There is little waste as the hose allows us to target specific areas, and with little disturbance to surrounding areas. Compaction is reduced also as there is no heavy machinery going over the area and staff aren’t traveling back and forth over the area with a wheel barrow.

Playground Bark

A more traditional looking product that is fully compliant with NZ certification standard 5828:2004. Excellent impact absorption for up to 3m when applied at a minimum depth of 300mm. this product looks great under playground equipment.

Safe Fall

Safe Fall  is manufactured using clean, recycled timber to create a soft fall playground chip that is fully complaint with NZ certification standard 5828:2004. The finer wood chips settle on the bottom, creating a soft bedding for the larger pieces on top. This creates a natural buoyancy that cushions the impact of a fall from playground equipment.

Erosion Control Tubes (ECT)

Erosion Control Tubes (ECT) are a bio-engineered technology available to the construction industries through Intelligro.

They have a variety of uses including:

  • Intermediate or perimeter erosion control.
  • Retention and filtration of sediment from water using shredded wood, bark or compost.
  • Drain protection.
  • Stockpile containment (easily removed for heavy vehicle access).
  • Control and direction of overland flow (storm water, stream diversion, clean water bypass)

The filled units are tied off in two metre lengths. If you wish to have two 1 m lengths with a join, lntelligro will make these as required.

Usage Guidelines

They are ideal for the management of sediment control across a variety of channel flow. They are not suitable for constant flow situations. ECT fill can be altered to suit different flow rates; compost components can be used for low flow situations and coarser bark/wood products can be used for higher flows. Coarser products are often a necessity in high rainfall/high run off environments, but will reduce the capture of fines.

Erosion Control Tubes Spec Sheet ...

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