Technical Growing Media

Our expertise lies in developing technical growing media and being part of the solution.

Intelligro has been a “pivotal” supplier for many significant projects across the South Island, offering Technical Growing Media.

We can either help design and /or specify an appropriate mix or manufacture to a set specification for you:
Tree Pit Mix, Rain Garden Mix, Swale Mix, Structural Soil, Green Roof Mix, Living Wall Mix, Bio Filter Mix.

Technical Media is designed to achieve good outcomes for trees and plants within diverse environments, particularly in challenging growth conditions and, in certain cases, serves an additional beneficial purpose for the surrounding environment.

Whether its nurturing street trees in demanding urban locations, such as alongside busy roads; or where a lightweight growing medium is essential to support plant health without adding excessive weight to rooftop structures; or providing a media suitable for Swales and Rain Gardens that effectively retains water during periods, alleviating strain on stormwater systems, while also promoting the flourishing of grass and plants between water events – Intelligro ensures the consistent delivery of products that reliably exceed your specifications for your next Technical Media project.

As our Technical Media range is tailored to the unique requirements of each project, these products are crafted on a made-to-order basis. Therefore, we encourage you to place your orders in advance if you anticipate needing any of these items.


Quality Control, Research & Development

All commercial mixes are produced within our secure facility and blended in our unique mixing plant, then tested at our onsite laboratory for consistency and then stored in our sample library for 4mths encase any further testing is required. We also test using external laboratories to ensure high standards are being met.

Our Research and Development team are committed to running tests and trials to ensure we are staying ahead of the game and have our finger on the pulse in the nursery sector.


Intelligro have been proud suppliers to the landscape and horticultural industry since 1976. Get in touch for your landscape, potting mix or fertiliser requirements! We supply South Island wide.

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