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Tools & Accessories
Brand: Atlas Home
Cultivating your soil is an important gardening task as it breaks up the crusty surface, meaning that water, air and nutrients can get deeper in the soil.This hand cultivator has an ergonomic grip for user comfort, is made from aluminium and is light in weight..
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Brand: McGreggor's
Ash Wood Scoop by McGregorsMirror polished stainless steelFSC Certified Ash Wood Handle..
Ex Tax:NZ$17.83
Brand: McGreggor's
Ash Wood Trowel ideal for potting plants and other small gardening tasks.Mirror polished stainless steelFSC Certified Ash Wood Handle..
Ex Tax:NZ$13.91
Atlas Trade  Aluminium Landscaper Rake 910
Limited Stock
Brand: Atlas Home
This trade quality landscaper's rake is excellent for raking soils in preparation for sowing grass, for spreading bark, and can be used on the reverse side for jobs that need a smoothed out finish.  910mm 37 tooth alloy head Braced Steel tube handle with rubber end grip Please note this is..
Ex Tax:NZ$125.22
This hot pressed concrete rake is of trade quality and comes with a 12 year manufacturer warranty. 14T Hot Pressed 1500 X 28mm Handle..
Ex Tax:NZ$31.74
Brand: Atlas Trade
This trade quality spade has a heavy duty steel shaft for extra durability, paired with a polypropylene" D" handle. It is fully tempered and has a hardened steel blade, along with foot treads. Height: 1.005mLength: 0.092mWidth:0.21mWeight: 2.36kg..
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Brand: Atlas Trade
Product Information This trade quality disc edge trimmer is light in weight and easy to use. It comes with a 12 year manufacturers warranty and has replacable disc. Height 1130mm Width 215mm Depth 150mm Weight 1.57kg..
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Brand: Atlas Trade
Need to dig over your soil? Then this heavy duty digging fork is what you'll need for the job!Trade quality full size digging fork. Great for working the garden and turning the soil.Overall length 1080mm. Head Size: 4 Tine Width 180mm Length 300mmSpacing between tines 45mm.12 Year manufacturer ..
Ex Tax:NZ$60.87
Brand: Atlas Trade
Trade quality sprung metal leaf rake. Light and easy to use. Handle dimensions: 1220 x 22mm Similar Products you may like include the Atlas Home Adjustable Leaf Rake or the Atlas Home Leaf Rake..
Ex Tax:NZ$40.43
Atlas Trade Post Hole Digger  Atlas Trade Post Hole Digger
Out Of Stock
Brand: Atlas Trade
Designed for digging narrow holes to install posts such as fences and signs.  Atlas Trade post hole digger has a steel handle and comes with a 12 year guarantee Overall Length 1520mm Handle length 1240mm Digging heads length 260mm Width 115mmNote: This pole digger creates a ..
Ex Tax:NZ$84.78
Brand: Atlas Trade
The Atlas Trade Scarifier rake is used for loosening clumpy topsoil, as well as aerating your lawn.Product Features 21 tooth Trade quality Strong metal head Wooden handle..
Ex Tax:NZ$57.83
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