Kids in the Garden : Autumn Leaf Candle Jars

You will need 

  • Mason jars (or any clean jars you like).
  • Autumn leaves in different shapes and colours.
  • Mod Podge (available at The Warehouse)

The best of part of this project is gathering the autumn leaves, if you are lucky enough to have trees dropping their leaves in your garden then you won’t need to go far at all. If not then head off on an adventure to the local park, the gardens, grandparents’ house…just anywhere there are pretty coloured leaves. Make sure the leaves are slightly bendy.

Start by making sure your jar is completely clean on the outside, then start adding a layer of mod podge, once it is tacky press one of you leaves up against it, put another layer of mod podge on top of the leaf and using your fingers push from the middle out gently to ensure the leaf sticks (it may need more than one layer. It’s ok if the edges or tips of the leaf stick out a little bit, that just adds to the charm. Once the leaves are dry and you are happy with the way your jar looks then tie a little decoration around the top, it can be a brightly coloured ribbon or a piece of twine, just whatever you like. Pop a tea light candle in the jar and watch it light up your leaves. This would make a lovely gift for someone, I know I’d love one!