Kids in the Garden : Kite Making

All you need to get started is:

  • 2x Bamboo sticks (or equivalent lightweight wood)
  • 1x newspaper (full size)
  • String
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Optional – crepe paper, coloured paper, fabric piece.

The bamboo sticks need to be 1x width of paper and 1x length of paper, ideally the piece that is the stiffest will go length wise and if there’s one that is slightly bendy this is best used for the width. You may need to cut the sticks to the right length (garden shears will do this). Use some of your string and tie the 2 sticks together in the centre.

Cut slits in the end of each stick (ask an adult to this for you).

Insert the end of the string through one of the slits of the width sticks and wind it round and round the stick and hen knot it. Pull the string across the width to the other side and put through the slit, wrap around and tie off. Use another piece of string and put it through a slit, then wrap around until its firm, continue this process around the outside of the 2 sticks. Leave enough string for your flying, wrap this part around a cut down paper roll to use as your handle. Place this frame over your newspaper and fold over on to itself, glue this down (or tape may work better). 

This is the stage to decorate if you want to, finger paints, glue and glitter – go wild! If you want a tail (and who doesn’t) use bits of crepe paper, shreds of material, anything that will float in the air, then attach these bits to the bottom of the kite.

Now the fun part, head for the back yard, the park, the beach anywhere where you can have a bit of space then lay your kite on the ground and run. Watch the kite lift up into the air and fly.