Pressing flowers

You need flowers! If you have a garden full then you are lucky enough to be able to go and collect what you need from your own garden. If you don’t have any flowers or a good variety, then ask neighbours, family or friends. The best flowers to press are flowers that lay flat like daisy’s, Cosmos, borage, French marigolds, pansy’s, violas etc then choose flowers with bright colours and thin petals. Make sure the flowers are alive and not starting to wilt or die. Also, make sure they are dry, don’t pick them after it has rained, or they have been watered.

Once you have got your selection of flowers find a good heavy book, Mum or Dad have one that is suitable, you will need some parchment paper, or cooking paper, place the paper in the centre of the book and very carefully place the flowers onto the paper, with either the flower face up, or down, or both. Carefully close the book and put a heavy load on the book, like a couple more books or a block etc.

Don’t be tempted to peek at the flowers during their drying time as they will just stick to the paper and may rip or tear apart. Once the drying time is up they should easily peel away from the paper and be ready for use. Use tweezers to add tiny bits of glue to the flower and position them on pre-cut cardboard made into bookmark sizes. You can also make pictures or sun catchers at this stage and then you have wonderful handmade presents to gift at Christmas time.