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Kiwicare No Bugs 1L

Kiwicare No Bugs 1L
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Kiwicare No Bugs 1L
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No bugs is a long-lasting control spray for 99.9% of common insects and pests. This bottle is ready to use.

- professional strength

- one spray protects surfaces for up to 4 months outdoors and 6 months indoors

- spayed surfaces are safe to children and pets


  1. Concentrate dilution rate - Mix 20 ml per 1 litre of clean water.
    How to mix and dilute spray concentrates video.
  2. Where to apply NO Bugs Super: Think about the pest/s you want to control. Where do they live and what surfaces do they contact? These are the surfaces you want to treat.

For example:

  • Spray NO Bugs Super to keep cobwebs off outdoor furniture, fences, clothes lines and eaves.
  • Use a ring of NO Bugs Super around your house to help keep out crawling pests such as ants, cockroaches, slaters and spiders.
  • To control flies, spray surfaces flies are likely to land such as window sills, ceilings and walls.

How to apply NO Bugs Super:

  • If the surfaces to be treated are dirty or greasy clean them with mild detergent and leave to dry thoroughly.
  • For exterior spraying choose a still dry day when rain is not imminent.
  • Using a fine spray and a steady motion spray the surfaces to give an even coverage. Do not over spray; the spray should not run down surfaces. > If the spray beads on the surface let it dry and then give a second spray. Two light sprays is better than one heavy spray.
  • When spraying around windows avoid over spraying on the glass. It is easier to clean spray off windows before it has dried.

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